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Product Reviews

posted 2009 Feb by Sacha Greif , 784 comments

This theme supports a really useful feature: product reviews right on your product page ! Although this is not a native Shopify feature, it’s easy enough to hack something together. Here’s how it works:

  1. You create a blog named “Product Reviews”
  2. You create blog entries with the same title as your product. The content doesn’t matter, but I would advise including a link back to the product, since your users will end up here after posting their comment
  3. Shopify now displays all the comments to the blog post you just created on the product page with the same title !

You can find more information about this method on the shopify forums

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Products RSS Feed

posted 2009 Feb by Sacha Greif , 797 comments
You need to follow these instructions to activate the product RSS feed. First, you’ll need to create a blank RSS page:
  1. Click the “Blogs & Pages” tab
  2. Press “Create Blog or Page”
  3. Type RSS in the form field
  4. Submit the form (Create new Page)
  5. Leave the description blank (Write your Page)
  6. Submit the form (Post Page)
Then, you will need to set up a smart collection containing all of your products:
  1. Click the “Collections” tab
  2. Press “Create new Collection”
  3. Type All in the title field
  4. Click the “Smart Collection” radio button
  5. Set conditions to product price is greater than 0
  6. Submit the form (Create Collection)

That’s it ! Your product feed should now be working.

Instructions taken from the Vogue theme blog

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Aliquam tincidunt mauris eu risus

posted 2009 Feb by Sacha Greif , 1018 comments

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First Post

posted 2009 Feb by Shopify , 717 comments

This is your blog. You can use it to write about new product launches, experiences, tips or other news you want your customers to read about.

We automatically create an Atom Feed for all your blog posts.
This allows your customers to subscribe to new articles using one of many feed readers (e.g. Google Reader, News Gator, Bloglines).

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